Rug Cleaning Houston TX

If you are a hospitable person, you must love to provide every possible comfort and ease to your guest. People adore the idea of furnishing their drawing rooms and living rooms with fluffy Persian carpets, but they seldom care about the “Welcome” rug place right after the main door to receive a respectable guest. Rug cleaning is by no standard less important than the carpet cleaning; that is the reason why experts at Upholstery Cleaning Houston pay maximum attention to rugs.

What ails a rug?

You might not have noticed, but a rug is also a living being; it all depends on how you feel about it. First, it is vibrant and lively, then time has a strong impact on a rug just like it has on our skin and we notice that the soft and comfy feeling of a rug has been replaced by a rough and rugged touch. Dirt makes its way through the dense fibers of the rug and stains appear day by day. What is the solution? Only eco-friendly stain removal and effective organic rug cleaning safe for kids and pets can make your rug cleaner, softer and smoother as before.

Why do you need professionals?

Rug cleaning is not rocket science, however, when it comes to result oriented rug cleaning, only professional rug cleaning is the best thing to do. Professionals are known for giving the results which are required. If even one cluster of dust or one prominent stain is left behind, it cannot be called effective stain removal or professional rug cleaning. That is the reason why you need professionals to take care of your rugs. In today’s busy metro life, no one has time for such a time consuming task and thus rug cleaning professionals are high in demand.

Why us?

We are the best when it comes to carpet, upholstery or rug cleaning in Houston. We have devised our own techniques, tools and chemicals to give the result which you expect from us. We have our own protocols to follow as per different types of rugs made of different type of fabric. We apply deep carpet shampoo to annihilate the most stubborn cluster of dust and we use a dry cleaning technique to remove the toughest of the stains.

Here is how we divide our task in smaller chunks and make a big time deliverance possible:

  • Using deep carpet shampoo to cleanse the rug
  • Using dry cleaning on more delicate rugs
  • Extracting all the detergent particles and remove the wetness from your rug
  • Steam cleaning to ensure the same vibrant tone which your rug had before
  • Targeted cleaning to remove the stain

We use biodegradable sprays on your sensitive rugs to ensure the quality rug cleaning which we promise.  Once our professionals follow the required protocols, they give the rug in your custody and they tell you some post-cleaning care to do. You will be provided with a complete manual as to how to take care of your rugs after a professional cleaning and clean them in order to avoid germs, dust and stain buildup. Call us right now at 713-714-0940 to see how our professionals can impress you with their brilliance and performance!

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